An Introduction

The launch of this blog comes at a time during which I have been reengineering aspects of my business and personal life. I decided I wanted a way to provide my clients, friends, and “inner circle” a glimpse of insight into who I am as a person. Some of you see just one side of me. I’m choosing to write about a variety of topics and thoughts that resonate with me. There is no real theme to the series, hence the name of this blog. Some of the posts you find here first appeared on an earlier edition of the Strommen and Associates website. I’ve reworked them a bit and am reposting them as they also serve to share a bit about me. Perhaps these rambling thoughts will stir you to do some reflecting on your own life.

I eagerly embrace your input and suggestions. Perhaps you can point me to an interesting article or book that may be the seed for a future rambling. Feel free to direct your comments and suggestions to my email: I will respond to all emails sent my way. My goal in making this blog is to give you a better insight to the personal side of myself and be increasingly meaningful to you.

So, here we go!



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