“10 Personal Discoveries for a Meaningful Life Series Titles”


As promised, below are the titles for this Fall Series. This series has a theme surrounding my Perspectives on  “10 Personal Discoveries for a Meaningful Life”   I am not an expert, I continue to learn daily.

As I have been reading, living life and experiencing the talents and gifts of others this past year I have found these 10 to have meaning for me! Hopefully you will find morsels of value for yourself as well.

What struck me as I was thinking about this Rambling Blog Series was a song I heard by Tim McGraw, “Humble and Kind” and then followed by a post I received on Facebook that contained the saying that I have inserted, both have messages that that will be woven throughout the series.

I firmly believe I have been lead to this overall theme and content and the two triggering “winks” are not an accident or coincidence.

1 – What to say when the porch light finally is turned off! (Courage and Faith)

2 – What to say to a relationship who lost their smart phone (Listening intently)

3- Want to live longer? “This could save your life (Servanthood and Resilience)

4 – Congratulations your Oxytocin is raging  (Belonging)

5 – What to say when plane is stuck on the tarmac  (Authenticity and Discovery You are unique and blessed, with a past! believe it, learn it, live it, grow from it!

6 – Yup I get it ! I have been there! (Compassion)

7 – A time to talk and a time to communicate (Communication)

8 – What to say to someone who has a tattoo that makes you think “Why?” (Understanding and Grace)

9 – Chasing meaning is better for your health than avoiding discomfort (Be true to yourself and those around you)

10 – Give yourself a HUG! (Happiness and Joy)


Being Intentional in Navigating Life

“10 Personal Discoveries for a Meaningful Life”

I am back from a nice summer and it is time to rekindle the Ramblings. The first 14 Rambling Blog Posts (www.bobstrommenblog.com) last spring were centered around reflections on lessons learned from reading,  from others. All of the past Ramblings created personal thought, introspection and change for me, I am hoping that previous ramblings caused some of you to pause and dwell on what was written as well.

This fall, the theme will be more outward with the objective that each of the future ramblings creates a nugget or two of value that adds to your life in a way that moves the needle personally  in a positive and meaningful way.

As I reflect on this falls theme based series of 10 Ramblings I am reminded of the symbolic nature of a lighthouse, symbolic of both a warning, but also for direction. I strive that these future ramblings add a bit of both to your personal arsenal for living life in an intentional and meaningful way.

Stay tuned for the titles of the upcoming series : “10 personal discoveries for a Meaningful Life” ;  I am not an expert, I continue to learn daily, I have found these 10 have meaning for me as a result of things I have read, and what I have observed in the world around me!   I will challenge each of you to add your input and perspective in and email or the comments so we can all learn and gain insight from each other.

What I do know is the first of the series will be entitled:

#1 – “ What to say when the porch light finally is turned off!”

 Stay tuned next week for the 9 remaining titled themes of this series of Ramblings. I hope you enjoy, reflect and gain a morsel from these future ramblings.