“10 Personal Discoveries for a Meaningful Life Series Titles”


As promised, below are the titles for this Fall Series. This series has a theme surrounding my Perspectives on  “10 Personal Discoveries for a Meaningful Life”   I am not an expert, I continue to learn daily.

As I have been reading, living life and experiencing the talents and gifts of others this past year I have found these 10 to have meaning for me! Hopefully you will find morsels of value for yourself as well.

What struck me as I was thinking about this Rambling Blog Series was a song I heard by Tim McGraw, “Humble and Kind” and then followed by a post I received on Facebook that contained the saying that I have inserted, both have messages that that will be woven throughout the series.

I firmly believe I have been lead to this overall theme and content and the two triggering “winks” are not an accident or coincidence.

1 – What to say when the porch light finally is turned off! (Courage and Faith)

2 – What to say to a relationship who lost their smart phone (Listening intently)

3- Want to live longer? “This could save your life (Servanthood and Resilience)

4 – Congratulations your Oxytocin is raging  (Belonging)

5 – What to say when plane is stuck on the tarmac  (Authenticity and Discovery You are unique and blessed, with a past! believe it, learn it, live it, grow from it!

6 – Yup I get it ! I have been there! (Compassion)

7 – A time to talk and a time to communicate (Communication)

8 – What to say to someone who has a tattoo that makes you think “Why?” (Understanding and Grace)

9 – Chasing meaning is better for your health than avoiding discomfort (Be true to yourself and those around you)

10 – Give yourself a HUG! (Happiness and Joy)


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