Holiday Thank You

I originally wrote this piece in December 2010.

I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Season. In doing so, I am sharing the attached “YouTube” video as a small Christmas gift of song to all who have been part of my life personally and professionally. I hope you enjoy this, and in the event you have already had the privilege of viewing, this provides a nice uplifting moment in your busy day.

On my personal email account, I have two occurring phrases Life is wonderful…..we need to discover and embrace all that it has to offer!” and “In life you have only a few times to show how much you really care. Do not let those opportunities slip by!”

I was reminded of this when I was told last week that a new friend and client had just recently been diagnosed with a serious form of cancer. I was humbled by the news and felt sad, not just for the client and his family who now have to face this new challenge, but with the fact that I have had moments this past year of feeling sorry for myself for struggles and challenges I have been facing . . . things all of us face. I realized that my challenges were minor in scope and inconsequential in nature as I reflected on the greatness of life, health, and the new and old friends I have.

I am reminded that I cannot forget to say “Thank You” to those around me and not to forget that care, compassion, and concern for others is one of the greatest gifts that I can give to others, whether they be friends or clients.

My new website introduces you to the Strommen Family Foundation, an instrument for giving back to one of my passions, “youth.” I look forward to the future as the Foundation continues to grow and evolve into one of the hallmarks of the firm and our commitment to family and legacy.

Life is wonderful and we need to continue to discover all that it has to offer and embrace the greatness that it provides. As a frequent Caribou Coffee drinker, I reflect on their slogan: Life is Short…Stay Awake for It!” Oh how true that statement is.

So, during this snowy holiday season, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and all the happiness and grandeur that life and family can give to you this season and for seasons to come.


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