Surprised This Morning

This is a true rambling, spontaneous and unedited as I was surprised and was the surprise this morning. What a great start to the day. I felt a need to share.

Positional power, career, elected office, title, as a parent, as our self identity are all temporary.

Personal Power, that which is in our heart is eternal, is forever. That integrity factor, that which pumps through our veins. It is the most amazing muscle we have, our heart that works to sustain our life.

This morning I was reminded that we must constantly be nurturing our heart with substance. We must be feeding it with purpose, grace and external insight.

We need to fulfill our true life purpose by living a montra “More you give, more I receive”.

That  love, money, power and  sexuality, are all blessed by God. Blessed as long there is not a deficiency or abundance, you know, balanced with a caring heart.

We need to fertilize the roots of our heart to be strong and deep, nurturing our substance, not the image of green grass with shallow roots. We need to find the right purpose and right fertilizer that Keeps our focus on serving, not being served!

Have a wonderful Mothers Day


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