What It has meant to me to be “One of the Seldom”

A Personal Thank You! Thank you readers for allowing me into your life with my Ramblings” I hope my Ramblings fit into the “value to read” category for you and that perhaps there have been a few crumbs you have found of value that maybe moved your own very personal needle a bit.

In early March, 2016, I posted my first Rambling. The last 13 months and 30 postings have gone by so very quickly. It is startling how fast life and time pass by. I want to say Thank You to you, my readers, for reading, commenting, and following my Rambling posts. Over the last year, there have been more than 4,100 views and 2,050 visitors from more than 6 countries.

These Ramblings have allowed me the opportunity to share my thoughts, vulnerable feelings, and life lessons learned. At the same time, I hope these ramblings have challenged you to reflect on things that may be applicable and important to your own life. Personally, the last 1½ years have gone by at warp speed, representing a period of growth, change, and maturity that has been remarkable, fun, sad, exciting, and rewarding. This time has been filled with humbleness, regrets and gratitude. As I write these adjectives, I am a bit overwhelmed by the bandwidth of outcomes and the emotions that have come from this process of growth, change, and maturing. To be a vibrant person, there will be more to come as without growth there is a loss of wholeheartedness and opportunity.

I was told not that long ago that change cannot be trusted. Prior to my father’s death almost 15 years ago, I often heard my father say, “People change but seldom!” I am so pleased that I AM ONE OF THE SELDOM. I believe change can be trusted when you can look at it with an open heart and mind. In a recent Rambling, I wrote about how the two sides of a piece of paper are like our lives: One side represents our exterior self that everyone sees and the other side represents our interior self (who we are at our core) that others feel. There is a process of growth, change, and maturing we can take to make our behavior (our exterior self) reflect our values or faith (our interior self). I am learning that this has been a process, was not an event. “Baby Steps!”.

When attending a workshop or conference listening to speakers, I seldom agree with all that is said. I am sure much like my Ramblings and how you react to things  I have written. However, if I can walk away with a crumb of “that was a good thought,” then the speaker was of personal value, then I have moved the needle of being a “better me” a degree or two in the right direction. I hope my Ramblings fit into this category for you and that perhaps there have been a few crumbs you have found of value that maybe moved your own needle a bit.

I am grateful for you, my readers. I am grateful for those who have sent me personal notes at my email address, challenged my writing and commented on the site, reactions on Facebook and LinkedIn. For all of you I just want to say, THANK YOU! Each of your comments and perspectives have been helpful and of value.

In June, I will be wrapping up this second series of Ramblings before I take a break for the summer. I have three more to write before this break. I’m already thinking about the general theme for the fall 2017 series of Rambling posts. I am sure that I will capture interesting thoughts and provocative and challenging questions from travel experiences, a church class I am co-leading this fall and  books I’ve read  or will be reading over the coming year to challenge myself and rambling readers on various aspects of life, relationships and living with meaning, substance and wholeheartedness.

Once again, thank you readers for allowing me into your life with my Ramblings.


5 thoughts on “What It has meant to me to be “One of the Seldom”

  1. You know Bob….that whole, I don’t believe people do not change…..always get’s my goat…or is it gets my gander up….see, I really need to google this one…but then I’ll be on that rabbit trail again…but here’s the deal…I am a huge believer that people do and CAN change. Transformation is possible. The whole premise or let’s switch a couple vowels and say PROMISE of Christianity is change. We become a new man or woman. Yes…change is possible…it is more than possible…it is probable with Jesus at the wheel. Let’s see, sounds like a song –google that Bob….think it sung by a beautiful blonde married to handsome hockey player 😉 But I digress (down another rabbit hole!). I am not the same person I was destined to be 50 years ago. In fact, I have made significant, intentional changes to my basic character even in my early 50’s. Your “Ramblings” challenge both the who I am at the core…and my exterior self. Keep ’em coming Bob. 🙂


    • Never hesitate to share these wonderful words to my followers on FB, your comments and insight from such a respected person offers another meaningful chapter and continuation to a give Rambling… thank you for the reinforcement to keep on Rambling

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      • And you are welcome on my WordPress/FB anytime as well Bob…IF I ever figure WordPress out–to this point…I lovingly refer to it as WordVICE as it is more of a vice grip around my brain to set up than press!! 😉


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