Gratitude & the Lost Art of Disagreeing – The 3 C’s—Challenge, Choice & Change

On this Thanksgiving Eve, I write and post this Rambling. I wish everyone of my followers a very Happy Thanksgiving. Check out this short video on gratitude and seeing the “beautifully” things in life.

 If you were to wear a t-shirt with your personal motto for how you try to live your life, what would it say?

Here’s mine. I would leave it at that with the hope that an inquisitive soul with something on their mind other than the weather or sports would ask me about the 3 C’s.

T shirt moto
Thankful, Gratitude, and 3 C’s


Challenge, Choice, and Change

I am very thankful for many aspects of my life: my children, my health, my extended family, my friends, and the service of those around me who are selfless in their acts. This is not to say my life is perfect—as I (like most people) have been dealt some cards in life that I would not choose. However, I do have a choice as to how I will live my life despite adversity and challenges.

I believe life deals us cards that God knew were going to be dealt. I also believe he watches with anticipation as to how we actually respond as compared to how we should respond.

Over the past few years I have learned about the power of intentionality, thankfulness, and gratitude as they are at the core of who we are and who we become. What do you think?

As I sit here this morning, I’m reflecting on this very aspect of life and how I do my best in responding to life’s challenges and the cards I’ve been dealt. My response may be dramatically different than how others react. I need to be true to myself and do what is right, whether someone is looking or not. I believe we must stick to our beliefs and our values. Isn’t that one of the great things about life? Everyone is entitled to have opinions of their own, however, the ways we react and express those opinions impact ourselves as well as how those around us view us.

This brings me to the 3 C’s:

  • We all are confronted with Challengesthat’s part of living a wholehearted and engaging life. We are dealt cards not expected, we are confronted with outcomes we may not agree with, yet not everything outside our “personal desires” needs to be a challenge, some are great opportunities.
  • With a challenge we have a Choice as to how we react and behave. With an inquisitive mind and by asking questions we may learn another perspective. If we can master the ability to be agreeable in what may be a disagreeable situation we do not alienate others. In fact, if we can find a way to express our personal perspective which may disagree with others, in a respectful manner, we may alter the other’s perspective whereas if a disagreeable reaction is done in an argumentative and attacking manner it only alienates the relationship. We have a choice!
  • Change becomes an option to consider, not easy to do, but clearly possible. You can change your perspective, change how you engage in a positive, respectful manner. Although you may disagree with something or someone else, portraying an open mind brings the relationship closer. There are times that agreeing to disagree is alright as we don’t need to agree 100 percent with others to maintain a robust, intimate, and caring relationship

All too often, thankfulness and gratitude have become a lost value and art.

 I am not implying that everyone has lost the ability to kindly express opinions and objections without being snarky or causing someone to feel they are “walking on egg shells.” Nor do I believe everyone has lost the ability to be thankful or filled with gratitude. What I am attempting to express is that far too often we fail to object and express a counter opinion in an agreeable fashion and to express and demonstrate thankfulness and gratitude. Sometimes we may go on the offensive, think we have “won” an argument or discussion, only to later discover we lost a great deal, perhaps even a relationship. Have you ever been in a situation where the recipient of a gift reacted in a way, either verbally or nonverbally, that said, “this is not what I want”? Perhaps the message even went as far as to say until they got what they wanted, the relationship would not move forward. We have all been told, “life is not fair.” Fairness is most often in the eye of the recipient. However, I believe what is truly fair is the choice that God has given us to act with grace and gratitude. God sits back to watch if we have chosen to accept these gifts or reject them in the spirit they were given. Far too often people are so inward, so self-centered, so entitled, that they win the battle but lose the war as a recipient of opportunities. To live as though everything has to be done our own way or to our own liking, I think, in my opinion, is an incredibly sad way to live life.

During this Thanksgiving week, I wish all of you a Very Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving. May you find time to reflect on the gifts you have been given, to be thankful for the bountiful blessings you have, and to look outward and demonstrate with gratitude how fortunate you are.


3 thoughts on “Gratitude & the Lost Art of Disagreeing – The 3 C’s—Challenge, Choice & Change

  1. While we don’t usually think about Thanksgiving as a patriotic holiday–I have always thought about being THANKFUL for our way of life. That thankfulness is embodied in Norman Rockwell’s depiction of “Four Freedoms” for the cover of the Saturday Evening Post. They depict Americana–at least the Americana that I grew up with.

    They depict Freedom of SPEECH–Freedom of WORSHIP–Freedom from WANT–Freedom from FEAR.

    We give Thanks each year for these freedoms–thus my contention that it IS a patriotic holiday.

    If you’ve forgotten the images created by Rockwell–see them at

    or simply google Rockwell Four Freedoms. Take the time to read the backstory as well–then give thanks that we live here!


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