Stuck in the Mud!

Have you ever been stuck in the mud—either on foot or in your car? Do you remember the feeling that the more you struggled to get yourself out the deeper you sank? Perhaps all we could do was spin our wheels? Getting “stuck in the mud” creates increasing anxiety as we continue to build on the problem.

women stuck in the mudwomen 2 stuck in the mudStuck in the mud manCar stuck in the mud



During one of my recent morning men’s meetings, we talked about the vulnerability we experience when we’re struggling with something and feel “stuck.”

I asked a dear Facebook friend, Dianne V. (someone I have not met but greatly respect), to react to an unedited version of this Rambling. She shared such insight and wisdom that it’s worth sharing:

“As I read the Rambling, totally unedited, I smiled, knowing that (perhaps) just a few years ago, you would not have even entertained the thought of reaching out! It is a great analogy–being stuck in the mud with lack of vulnerability. The stronger we try to be, in isolation, the more we sink. The creativity (and the divine) comes to save the day when we ask for help! ”

Yes, Dianne, you are so right, I used to take a great deal of pride in my Norwegian heritage, my work ethic, my self-sufficiency, and inner ingenuity to get things done on my own without asking for help and seldom showing too much emotion. My persona was built on a sense of pride that tipped well into the prideful category. At the time, I thought this was such a great badge of honor!

If you’ve discovered this about yourself as I have, perhaps you’ll agree it’s not a badge of honor at all. However, I have found this is an attitude that can be changed and can create significant value in our life.

Life hands us moments where we truly find ourselves STUCK IN THE MUD and need for help!

stuck in the MudWe have a choice; try to dig ouselves out only to find we sink deeper or reaching out to someone for assistance, I am learning to choose Option #2, clearly the most difficult choice! However I am learning that seeking out and asking for help creates a more meaningful relationship with deeper appreciation and trust. This is true in business, in life in general, as well as our spiritual lives, and personal relationships—trust me, I know!

I waited patiently for the LORD; he turned to me and heard my cry.He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand. (Psalm 40)

In closing, I hope we all will choose to be humble and not be afraid to ask for help when we find ourselves stuck in the mud. No one succeeds alone. Be true to yourself by being vulnerable and transparent.

As C.S. Lewis said; “We must lay before Him what is in us, not what we think ought to be in us!”


6 thoughts on “Stuck in the Mud!

  1. “Reaching out and asking for help”–No–we Scandinavians don’t DO that–BUT–as Paul Harvey used to say “The REST of the story.”

    Not only does it make sense to do so if necessary, but a flight student of mine 40 years ago taught me a big lesson. This man was the VP of one of the largest companies in Minnesota. His lesson was:

    “If you REALLY want to MAKE a friend–ASK THEM FOR HELP. You heard that right, don’t offer to help THEM–ask them for help–even if you don’t need it. If you ask someone for help and they provide it–they are doing you a favor. They will often think “I helped out Jim once–I’m so proud of him–and thankful that he asked me.” You will likely work together again.

    That person will likely be a friend for life–you have something in common. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used that advice–and it has never turned out bad.

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  2. Bob. As you may remember Judie and I are Stephen Ministers and we use the mud hole analogy in our training. The person we are attempting to help has reached out. As the care giver we reach in to assist and seek to get the care receiver out of the mud. One of the cautions we try to instill is to NOT climb down and get mired yourself in the other’s mud. Your job is to help them get out and not make a crowd in the mud. Thanks for sharing. The Norskis should be proud.


    • Pat, (not sure I know what Pat, but regardless) THANK YOU for your comments and input to my recent Rambling. You are so right, helping without getting stuck ourselves is critical, I will add, however, that we also need to take the risk to help and accept the risk of getting a bit caught in the mud ourselves.

      I deeply appreciate your taking the time to add to the Rambling by way of your comment as it adds a great deal to the overall theme of the posting Bob


  3. Bob!! I love this!!! So spot on – God wants us to be unstuck and Christ unsticks us. You said this so beautifully – and I really really like the CS Lewis quote. God’s blessings on your ministry, Sarah


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