#4 – “Timeless and Silent Qualities”

This is the fourth and final Rambling in a four-part series of short articles of “dangling thoughts” you may be able to relate to. I hope they will be something you’ll want to ponder. I’m prepared for a variety of reactions including, “hogwash!” or “interesting!”. These topics have found themselves on the “notes app” of my iPhone over the past few months. I find the commonality of the themes interesting and the fact that they found themselves on my phone under the category of “Potential Rambling Topics!”

I recently attended an art show featuring a local artist, painter Leon Hushcha, and ran across a piece of art that was entitled, “The Kimono.” What really caught my attention was the artist’s statement, “Grace is Timeless and Silent.”

Three Great Attributes;  There are many great attributes to possess, I will ramble on three (3) of the many that help define who we are and how we live our lives: Grace, Honor, and Responsibility. In my opinion, these elements are timeless qualities—ways we can behave in a selfless manner. They manifest themselves in how we act and search for opportunities to be of value or service to others. They are part of the pool of qualities we should strive to develop and engrain into living in an intentional way.

To this day, despite having dealt effectively with my Fathers Death, I still have moments that I grieve his loss and long for those times we could talk to receive his counsel. I know I would be a more intense listener than I was 20 years ago. I am blessed, however, to still have my mother. At 94, she is remarkably vibrant, mentally sharp, and a bit of an energizer rabbit who is only hampered by arthritis which has dramatically limited her mobility. Despite this inconvenience, our weekly dinners remind me of her vibrancy, appreciation for the rich life she has had, and the honor and love she still has for my dad. I feel happy that she has a social network that helps her remain engaged in life.

My mom and I don’t always agree: I find at times the age difference creates frustrations and there are times I roll my eyes in disagreement or frustration over things she does not understand. HOWEVER, I am intentional about my attitude of Grace, Honor, and Responsibility. I allow her the grace to be who she is, I honor her as my mother, the person who brought me into this wonderful world and into a life that has blessed me. I honor her for who she is and for all the great traits she has and the love she exhibits to those around her, including her grandchildren and great grandchildren, some who she sees frequently, and others seldom if ever.

Mom has earned the right to be honored!

Finally, Responsibility, it is my turn to be responsible in helping her. It is my responsibility to remain in her life as a caretaker and someone she can rely upon in times of need. We all need to know that we have someone who “has our back” and will drop most anything to come and help. I feel blessed that I want, and can, have dinner with her most every week so we can visit and reminisce. There are nights I really do not want to go, but I always remain grounded in my commitment to honor her, demonstrate grace through action, and take on the responsibility that I have been given (and treasure).

Think about those in your life who deserve grace. Overlook the missteps we all make. Honor those you have in your life: It’s our responsibility. As my dad always used to say, “Someday we will not be able to do this!” Someday my mom will not be here and I do not want to ever have to say to myself, “I wish I had spent more time with Mom.”

“Someday we will not be able to do this!”


4 thoughts on “#4 – “Timeless and Silent Qualities”

  1. “Grace, Honor, and Responsibility.

    I had a hard time linking the original theme–“Grace, Honor, and Responsibility” as I saw them as coming from different parties to the relationship.

    Upon further reflection–I would invert the order–it should be “Responsibility, Honor, and Grace.” it seems as though you have taken on the Responsibility portion for dealing with your Mother–and in doing so, YOU have shown Grace and Honor in doing so.

    Some would grudgingly take on the Responsibility portion as a “Duty”–but by “doing for others” you have attained the Grace and Honor of your mutual friendship. We help ourselves by helping others.

    A final thought–don’t take for granted that you will outlive your Mother–any of us could be gone tomorrow through any number of circumstances (like running a Marathon, for example!–smile). In that case, she could tell her friends “That Bob–he was such a NICE BOY!” (smile)


    • Jim, I appreciate your comments and perspective on not just this Rambling, but all that you comment on., You always add great insight and look at the thoughts through a different lense that will either support or challenge a thought. For that, THANK YOU- keep it up!

      Yes, I have taken the responsibility with my Mom and feel honored to be able and want to. The day will come that I will not have that privilege.

      Nice Boy?… I do my best


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