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(this is spontaneous, unedited rambling, excuse structural deficiencies and hear the heart of the message)
It is sad to know that someone you never met, who is no longer is with us. Someone who will no longer add to my life, not just for his intellectual perspective on political landscape, but in my watching with incredible interest the manner in which he handled himself.

Charles Krauthammer was consistent in his deflecting accolades and praise, deflecting discussion as to himself and refocused on those around him.  His soft spoken manner, his unexpected humor, his grace in challenging others perspective is a hallmark trait worthy of emulating.

As I reflect on the life of Charles Krauthammer and the tributes that have flooded the airwaves, I am struck with this thought:

Intellectual brilliance should never be overshadowed by personal elegance, kindness, graciousness in listening to others opinions even though they maybe disagreeable.
We need to consistently and genuinely be intentional in our interest in others around us. This being done at the same time you are true to ourselves in expressing our opinion in a blunt, well thought out respectful manner. By not doing so is a betrayal to who we are! 

Differing opinion should not be confused with kindness, love, appreciation of perspective and deep appreciation and love for those around us.

Charles Krauthammer consistently wanted to know others life, how they grew up (family of origin you may say) as this helped to shape Krauthammer’s a deeper understanding of others perspective and who they where as a person. This keen interest in others added to Krauthammer’s  perspective, his thought and his wisdom.  What an amazing personal attribute to have in defining one’s life in how he lived a wholehearted life that he intentionally intended.

I hope that when the day comes that I am taking my final breaths on this earth that I too can say and honestly believe what Carl Krauthammer wrote earlier this month;

“I leave this life with no regrets,” he concludes in his letter. “It was a wonderful life — full and complete with the great loves and great endeavors that make it worth living. I am sad to leave, but I leave with the knowledge that I lived the life that I intended.”  Charles Krauthammer June 8, 2018

Charles Krauthammer had a giant intellectual capacity and insight that at the same time he possessed  humility, kindness and elegance that is seldom witnessed. Charles Krauthammer was so selfless in his interest in everything other than himself.  His soul, his commentary was sincere, honest and direct, however not in a manner  that was offensive. Krauthammer’s perspectives and commentary were filled with deep thought, often a touch of humor and worthy of consideration.

Krauthammer was direct, he was committed to telling you what he believed, what he learned,  Charles Krauthammer was REAL in every sense of the work! He consistently said that if you do not express with kindness and gentleness what you truly believe and feel is a betrayal of your life, not to mention those around you.

When asked  to speak with others who had experienced similar injuries that Charles Krauthammer experienced, he spoke directly, but with such great wisdom when he said…..(somewhat paraphrased),

“ learn to accept who you are now! Do not dwell on the past, but instead, focus on your life today and that your life has so much to offer for others around you. GO FOR IT!. embrace your talents and ability to impact others around you with gentleness, humility, grace and candor.”

I will feel a void as a result of the Death of Charles Krauthammer’s and his ongoing Krauthammer what mattersperspectives. I will honor him and will find the coming years fascinating as I commit to the next best thing to future earthly Krauthammer perspectives , to become a student on Charles Krauthammer, not  focusing on his politics, but focusing on how he lived his life. I will  start with this book.

Thank you Charles Krauthammer. You impacted my life, my perspectives and added to my life a model how to live going forward.

Your transparent, elegance in all aspects of your life will be sorely missed, but not forgotten



  1. “He consistently said that if you do not express with kindness and gentleness what you truly believe and feel is a betrayal of your life, not to mention those around you.”

    Bob–in that one sentence, you distilled the essence of Krauthammer. All other accolades are just prelude and context.

    I have long believed that there will be a civil war in the U.S. within my lifetime–fought not with armies, but between PEOPLE. In these divisive political times, people and families are choosing sides–down to the point of not associating with “the OTHER”.

    Krauthammer was direct–he said what he thought, but in a respectful way. He didn’t make disparaging remarks–he advanced his own thoughts.

    There’s a lesson here for all of us.


  2. Jim, so true and thank you for your comments and insight! He was a remarkable man who impacted many.

    We need more Charles Krauthammer’s


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